The In Between

Sitting here in this in between space as we go through a journaling process, I realise that I have always been an ‘inbetweener’.  I grew up between two villages, on the east coast of Ireland between the land and the sea.  I have never ‘belonged’ to a place, a tribe, a concept, always hovering at the edges, dipping in and stepping out as needs be.


One part of me is very comfortable with the in between space, it saves me getting embroiled in the day to day things; village politics, family gossip and other people’s ideologies.  But another part of me longs to find that place on the other side of the in between where I might belong.


So yesterday I sat with an oak tree, to see if she could teach me about the in between.  With roots deep into the earth and branches skyward bound I thought her trunk was that in between space.  But then she showed me that for a creature who dwells within the earth just as a fish dwells within the sea, where the earth meets the air, that is the sky to them.  “There is no in between”, she said.  “There is just here.”


So I have been asking myself how would it be, to be here fully, even if here is flux, and on the edge of places.  And even if here means I am quite often on my own?  What if I let go of the longing to get there, and committed fully to being here?


And what if my tribe is right here, with all the other ‘inbetweeners’ ?

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