Being Seen

Got sucked down the rabbit hole of being seen yesterday.

Walked through the land of my egoic mind – needy, clingy, desperate, claustrophobic.

Crossed a bridge into the realm of the soul – desiring, witnessing, yearning, deep presence.


Then stood out on the mountain, with the grass and the herbs and the rocks and the mist.


Molecules and atoms, attracting and repelling, coming together to give form to life and then dissolving into the unmanifest again.


What if that’s it?  What if being seen is the primal desire to birth ourselves into form before we dissolve into the ethers to be birthed into the next manifestation of who or what we can become.  What if being seen is the orgasmic moment of the big bang, of cosmic expansion, that spins new galaxies into orbit, into life?


What if being seen is not my egoic mind but a natural part of my souls evolution before she can die and be born again?


What if being seen is my birth-rite?

My continual conscious evolution?


And even as I write I can hear my egoc mind ‘are you writing this just because you want attention?’

But I can feel my being, she is drinking coffee on a table littered with pens and infinite musings on paper saying ‘fuck it, post it anyway’.





Image: Spiral galaxy Messier 106 (NASA / ESA / the Hubble Heritage Team / STScI / AURA / R. Gendler / J. GaBany)

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One thought on “Being Seen

  1. Ursula says:

    Well, so I always thought that really was the plan – “to be seen” – yes – your birth-rite. To come for a reason – to make your mark – to evolve – to change for the better what you can – to love what maybe someone else can’t – to breathe and be and let all around you move (so now you are the observer giving meaning or a reason to what is moving). Aren’t we here for all this and more – or are we still just not getting it?

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