Praise for Catherine

Medicine Spiral Mentoring Program

“I came to the Medicine Spiral wanting to learn to value myself more; to see and own my own wisdom and to stop undermining myself; I wanted to connect more to my intuition and to feel strong in my core. I wanted to learn to trust myself and learn to say ‘No’ more, to improve my work/life balance and to get some clarity around my work and the future."

"Catherine is very authentic, gifted in her profession and fully committed to her client when in the process with them. She is respectful, very challenging and sensitive when it is required. Her fun and sense of joy is infectious and brings some light-heartedness to the process which can get heavy. She really is a safe pair of hands. I felt safe and respected for my sensitivity which was refreshing."

"It was a wonderful gift to myself, an invaluable investment, but you must really engage. If the commitment is not there to fully engage – don’t enroll! It is a lesson in life, why we need to ‘step off the ferris-wheel’ and get to know ourselves, the essence of ourselves, and given we are pure spirit, we need to re-engage with spirit again in a real and meaningful way. We can use the Medicine Spiral as our compass – moral, social, ethical etc. and if we have any doubts about ourselves, then this is a must-do first step in resolving the doubts. I have already recommended it to a friend.”

C. Swords Ireland

“I came to the Medicine Spiral as I found myself at a place in life where I longed to be in connection with myself but I just felt so stuck in the cycle and busyness of life. I was longing for a change and to be able to step into my power and my passion. A close friend and soul sister of mine had started working with Catherine and shared with me some of the transformation she was experiencing, I decided I needed me some of that!"

"My expectations of the Medicine Spiral were more than superseded! I had no idea the Medicine Spiral would kick my butt into gear in such a beautiful way! But Catherine was always readily available to lend her guidance, love and support, both inside and outside of sessions."

"I faced my fears, with tears, with laughter, with uncertainty, with joy, with UNKNOWING but guess what? I FACED them, PERIOD! For that I feel liberated and amazing. The unknown in the end became my favourite and most magical part of the Medicine Spiral!!"

"I would describe the Medicine Spiral as a deep, meaningful and beautiful journey with someone you perhaps have never fully met, yourself. It takes you to places you couldn't pre-empt or imagine and in that there is such beauty and transformation. As you explore some of the deepest parts of your heart and soul be ready to step off the spiral as a gorgeous woman, standing boldly in her beauty and power! Trust that you will get all that YOU are meant to get from it!"

"I couldn't have wished to take the journey with a more gorgeous soul and I thank Catherine from the bottom of my heart for guiding me home. To feel so connected, protected, cared for, supported and loved by someone who I have only met on Skype still blows my mind!"

"I recommend this program 100 million percent!”

Simone Dyer UK

Soul Sessions

"Working with Catherine has been a safe and soul growing experience."

Tammy Australia

"This has surely been one of the most releasing experiences I have ever had."

Nicole Germany

"Catherine, I just want to thank you for everything!"

Sara USA

"I came to this beautiful woman at exactly the right time in my life."

Alice Australia

Soul Readings

"My reading with Catherine was a turning point in my life. Catherine’s reading was clear, insightful and full of direct messages."

Laura UK

"Catherine’s beautiful gift answered every question I have ever had on a deep soul level and the time I had the privilege of sitting with her, was possibly the single most important experience of my life."

Alice UK

"Divinely inspired and incredibly accurate."

Mistery USA

"As I sat with Catherine and shared all the “hat’s” I wore in my life it all felt very out of control and chaotic, during the reading I could feel the strands of my life all untangling and lining up in front of me to make a stunning tapestry. I had initially been very excited about the reading then a couple of days beforehand questioning did I really want to spend my money in this way, was is going to be worth it? I went in with a little resistant and after the first 30 seconds KNEW I was in the right place at the right time. I left with such clarity and new found sense of excitement and direction in my life which is still with me! Worth every penny!"

Deb Davis Ireland

"When it comes to problem solving I am generally logical, analytical and very well-reasoned, but I was struggling, with my thoughts, my ideas, and questions going around and around in my head, what should I do next? Where should I go?"

"I wanted to change aspects of my life but did not know how or where to even start and was feeling very stuck and afraid of making mistakes or wrong choices. I needed help, someone to help me see the wood from the trees, and that is what going to Catherine did for me. Catherine has not only helped me focus my attentions towards my goals and on strengths (that I didn’t realise I had) but has also given me that starting place I struggled to find. Now I can take the first steps towards achieving the change I want."

Louise Ireland

"It was a beautiful and special experience, one which I will always treasure."

Rachel Ireland


"Catherine, you give me so much inspiration, hope and clarity on life, it’s just wonderful."

"Catherine, I get a lot of emails but I always make time to read your newsletter."

"Catherine, I just wanted to say thank you. This is exactly what I needed to hear today."

"I've both smiled and cried on reading this, it’s honest, open and empowering."

"This is just beautiful to read, thank you for your thoughts and words Catherine. Sometimes I just have to stop and breathe and let that magic just soak into my bones. Grateful to be able to follow your journey and feel a little of its magic now and again."

"Following our own hearts and our own bodies is so important, your writing reminds me often of this, thank you."

"Wonderfully wise words as always, mile buiochas (a thousand thank yous)."

"Catherine, your sharing is so true for me, and so beautifully put into words, so sincere and clear. Blessings for you, dear, beautiful woman and soul."

"Oh what a marvellous read thanks for putting into words what I’ve been striving to articulate for lifetimes."

"Thank you for this, it is enlightened, clear and so full of hope."

"Catherine your sharing is so true for me, and so beautifully put into words, so sincere and clear. Blessings for you, dear, beautiful woman and soul."