Don’t Plan Anything – Unless You Really Want To

Happy New Year my Loves,


I’m sitting here with a large mug of tea (Irish style), listening to the cackle of the fire and the howl of the wind.  My fella has gone to Ireland to see his kids and I am enjoying having some extra space to myself.


But as we step into a new calendar year, I have become acutely aware of the amount of e-mails that I am receiving from people who want me to do something; start this, join that, detox, make resolutions, set goals etc. 


Dear People of the World, who are leaping head first into 2017,




Winter is for me a time of withdrawal, of hibernation and of rest.  To reflect on what has gone before and to ponder on what I’ve been shedding so that new things can grow come the spring.


Here on the mountain things are quiet, there is not much happening other than the hub bub of daily life.  Loved ones are returning to the cities after Christmas, the men are playing cards in the bar and the women are chatting with their friends   The orto’s (vegetable gardens) are not being tended because at this time of year there is not much to do except wait for the onset of Primavera (spring).  And Mama Earth is soaking up moisture as the rain and snow has finally arrived, precious sustenance that will nourish her in the months ahead.


If you are in the southern hemisphere where you’re in the high days of summer, or if you are in the northern hemisphere and really feel the urge to get stuck into 2017, I urge you to go for it!!  And to enjoy every single moment.


But if like me, you haven’t yet felt the sap rising in your bones, trust that.  Trust that you are not yet ready.  Trust that maybe your being desires you to rest a little more, that there is still some releasing to be done or that maybe some seeds that were planted in late autumn need a little more time in the darkness so that they can germinate and grow.  Trust your own rhythm; listen to the beat of our own inner drum.  Plan nothing, until you are ready. 


When you are ready you will feel the sap rise, you will feel your energy return, you will desire to leave the warm blankets of your winter nest and step back out even briefly into the world.  The leaves always return to the trees, and your inner winter season will in time also change to spring.  But for now I invite you to do what feels true – to you!


If you have people especially small people that rely on you, or if you have had to return to work already, there are still some ways to build some extra cave time into your day.

  • Plan a duvet morning / afternoon / day / hour for yourself and if you have small people get everyone into their PJ’s and camp out in bed.  Watch DVD’s, read books, eat cookies, nap, whatever feels good in your bones to nourish and replenish.
  • Cancel appointments / meetings / dates that are not essential to free up some extra rest time.
  • Go to the movies by yourself and watch something you really want to see.
  • Read a trashy novel.
  • Take a (long) bath.
  • Or go for a walk in nature and feel into the rhythm of the earth, what is Mama Nature doing in your corner of the world at this time of year?


If we don’t take time to recharge we end up starting the year with an empty battery.

More importantly one of the things women say to me all the time when we start to work together is “I want to step into my power”.  Finding and aligning to your own inner rhythm facilitates you in taking one giant step into your power!


Let me say that again.


Finding and aligning to your own inner rhythm facilitates you in taking one giant step into your power.


It might feel a little strange at first, because when you find your own rhythm and step into it you step out of other peoples, and they don’t always like it.  But there is no greater gift, because what you are actually doing is stepping into yourself.


And the longer I live on this planet the more I realise that our one and only purpose is to be our true authentic selves.


So instead of filling your diary with to-do lists, I invite you to make some space for yourself, so that you can hear your rhythm, feel the beat of your own inner drum and come into alignment with your beautiful powerful self.


Much love at this sacred time,
Catherine x x x 

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