My Clients

I work with women from different walks of life: actors, movie producers, business owners, psychologists, social workers, accountants, Hay House authors, mums, yogis and politicians.

They are all tired of trying to fit in emotionally, physically or spiritually and they know in their heart of hearts that it’s their time to stand out.

These women, like you, want to shine but they are scared, feeling vulnerable and lack clarity on how to go forward.

They are not interested in competing or clawing their way to the top. Often they have ‘been there, done that’ and it has left them bruised, battered and more exhausted. Instead, they are ready to look within and rediscover who they truly are.

Often, my clients are introverted; happy in their own company, reflective, need time to gather their thoughts and are deep thinkers. Our modern, extroverted world has led them to believe this is a problem when in truth, it’s their super power.

My clients are soulful women who want to live authentic lives.

They are brave even though they don’t know it.

They are courageous even though they don’t feel it.

And they are ready for change, even though they don’t know how.

They, quite possibly, are you!

I believe life is a journey that presents us with lessons, opportunities and sometimes challenges to grow and expand into our full brilliance. I have designed my client work to bring awareness to the journey so we can travel through life in an empowered and co-creative way as opposed to feeling that life is an uphill struggle.

As a farmer’s daughter, I learned at an early age how to ‘muck out’ sheds. Instead of sheds, I now help you muck out those inner dark, dank places that keep you stuck, fearful and stop you from being your true self in the world. Together we clean out your inner gunk so you gain clarity, stop feeling lost or alone, and step into being your gorgeous, unique and authentic self.

I truly and deeply believe that if we are willing to get our hands dirty, we will always find the ‘diamond in the dirt’. This allows us to access our gifts, let go of the past, move forward in life and SHINE!!!

I offer one to one sessions and mentoring programs that are tailor-made to suit your particular needs.

I promise you a safe, sacred and confidential space to graciously unravel those gnarly parts of yourself. You have full access to all I have learned on my travels in Europe, North America, South America, Hawaii, China and Mongolia. I share my wisdom, my earthiness and my sense of humour, because laughter really is the best medicine.

Ready to shine?

Then please get in touch as I’d love to hear from you, and have a conversation about how I can help you be your fully authentic (possibly slightly eccentric) self.