The first metaphysical / spiritual book I ever read was You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay.  It touched something really deep inside me, but it also led me to believe that I was broken and therefore needed to be healed.  I have been walking a ‘healing path’ for over 20 years, my compass set to a mystical destination that on arrival would mean I was fixed, complete, whole and indeed enlightened.  This journey has meant that I have spent a big ole hunk of time in the land called ‘Not Good Enough’.  Not good enough because I was broken and needed to be healed and not good enough because I was not in a constant state of enlightenment.

Here is what I have learned of late. 

I was never broken.

I never needed to be fixed, healed, or transformed.

I could have gone through life exactly as I was and life probably would have been fine.

But there was something inside me all those years ago calling to get my attention. 

She did not want to be fixed or healed.

She wanted to be FREE!

She wanted to step out from behind the ‘shoulds’, ‘coulds’ ‘not good enoughs’ and the fear.

She wanted to live life fully. 

But life is messy.  And yet, it is those messy places where I am scared, or tired or where I am having my buttons pressed that I am provided with gorgeous opportunities for new growth.

If I can stay present in the messiness something beautiful invariably emerges.  A deeper knowing, a deep truth, a deeper sense of self.  The messiness shows me old outmoded behaviour patterns and offers me an exquisite invitation, “Make a new choice, choose a new way”.

So I am making new choices in my life and in my work, and new choices bring changes.

One of the big changes I am making is that as of December 21st 2016 I will no longer be offering stand alone Soul Readings or Healing / Sacred Cave Sessions.  So if you have been thinking about having a session with me and have been putting in on the long finger, now is the time to schedule it in your diary, because after December 21st it won’t be an option any more (all the details for how to book your session are below).

I will be focusing on my Medicine Wheel Mentoring Program as well as on some new programs that I am going to be sharing with you over the coming weeks.  I am passionate about these programs because I believe that each of us has a resonance, a vibration that is uniquely and truly ‘You’.  I call it your HeartSong.  It is the essence of you and it is your gift to the world.  And I believe in my heart that if we individually and collectively embody our HeartSongs we will know that we are not broken and we can embrace our messiness and change the world.

And finally, after a long period of working almost exclusively with women, I am once again going to be working with MEN!!!  So watch this space!

So that’s what has been happening during this period of gestation on the mountain.  I look forward to sharing the journey with you as it unfolds.  And I am really excited to see what we create together as we walk each other back home.

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