Welcome, I’m Catherine Maguire,

Catherine MaguireI work with smart, independent and soulful women who are on the cusp of change in their personal or professional lives.

When the winds of change start to blow, they usually bring with them all our old fears and doubts, which can cause us to feel a lack of clarity, overwhelmed, stuck or alone.

Change happens.

It is part of the natural evolution of life. It is how we grow into who we truly are. If we can learn to embrace change consciously and be supported through the process, it becomes our teacher and allows us to blossom fully into our authentic joyous self.

I help you dissolve your blocks and fears so that you can embody your gifts and wisdom, and move forward with clarity and direction so that you feel fulfilled personally, professionally and spiritually.

Welcome the the Medicine Hearth

A place to Nourish, Restore and Remember, the Essence of who You Are

Soul Reading

Soul Reading

Do you desire clarity? Are you in need of guidance? A Soul Reading is an opportunity to ask the questions that are keeping you awake at night and where you will receive the answers necessary so that you can move forward in your life. Have you ever asked yourself “What the hell is going on?” A Soul Reading will explain why.

Brilliance Sessions

Soul Sessions

Soul sessions are an opportunity to get clarity, remove blocks and come into balance in the areas of health, wealth, relationships and life’s purpose. Soul Sessions are an exquisite opportunity to meet yourself fully, and to step into the dynamic creative force of who you truly are.

Medicine Spiral

Medicine Spiral

A six month mentoring program with a difference; it is a soulful process where we take a deep dive into your inner world so that you can make lasting changes in your life. This program is perfect for women who are in transition and need support moving from caterpillar to butterfly so that they can take flight.



In need of a little bit of inspiration or some soothing balm for your soul? Make a cup of tea, grab a slice of cake, and head on over to the blog.  Join me for some soulful heartfelt sharing about life and the gorgeous world we live in. My intention is that you will leave a little lighter and brighter after our ‘chat’.

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