The Medicine Spiral

The Medicine Spiral is a 6 month Mentoring Program with a difference, is a soulful process where you can take a deep dive into your inner world and be supported in making lasting changes in your life.  This is a journey of discovery, each step on the path is designed to help you spiral inwards to uncover and discover your authentic self.  I provide a safe and confidential container where we can unpack who think you are, who you think you should be or who people would like you to be and so that you can come face to face with your true authentic self.

I have seen remarkable changes in the women who have done this program with regard to their health, wealth and relationships and work / business life.  But most importantly I have seen women connect with who they truly are; their gifts, their wisdom and their feminine power and that for me this is one of the most beautiful and sacred outcomes of this mentoring process.

The mentoring program is designed to work with your specific needs in the areas where you most desire change and growth.  While everyone’s experience will be different we will follow a structure that provides a powerful container for the magic to happen.  We will be working with shamanic archetypes because they allow us to quickly transcend our conscious mind and dive into our subconscious and our innate wisdom and facilitate lasting change.

This is a program for women who want to connect deeply with their own inherent sacred wisdom and own it.

This is a program for women who are tired of playing small in their life, in their work and in their relationships and have an aching yearn inside to show up first and foremost for themselves.

This is a program for women who are looking for a feminine orientated model for transformation and change.  This is not about being a warrior, feeling the fear and doing it anyway, being tough, or strong.  It is about melting, surrendering and evolving into who you truly are.

This is a program for women who are tired, exhausted and fed up of trying to fit in and know they have no choice but to stand out.

This program might possibly be for YOU!


The Medicine Spiral is a 6 month program; we will meet every two weeks via Skype or Zoom.

Each session lasts between 60 and 90 minutes.

You will receive session’s notes and embodiment exercises after each session.

You have unlimited access to me and support from me for the duration of the process.

Cost: €2222 (payment options available)

I take a limited number of Medicine Spiral Mentoring clients each year so that I can devote my time and full attention.  If you would like to take a spin around the spiral with me, please email me at for an application form.  I look forward to hearing from you.  It is an amazing process, I love facilitating women on this incredible journey!