Once a month I send out a newsletter.  My desire is that it will provide you with some insight, wisdom, a shift in perspective or some inspiration for where you are at in your own life journey.

It is my intention to share honestly from the heart.  As a recovering perfectionist, I am learning to share even when my writing is perfectly imperfect because the truth is I may be a diamond, but I’m a bit rough around the edges.  And instead of hiding those rough edges like I used to, I now celebrate them and encourage you to do the same.

Sometimes I will share a book that I am reading or a film that I have watched that has inspired me.

And sometimes I may include a meditation for you to listen to and enjoy.

I will never spam you or clutter your inbox, my mama raised me to have good manners!

And I will always email you a reply if you feel moved to email me based on what I have shared.

So, if you would like to sign up for my newsletter, and be part of the conversation, please sign up here.

In anticipation,


Here are some of the gorgeous things people have said about me and my Newsletter.

  • How exquisitely written Catherine, you have a wonderful gift with words.
  • I’ve both smiled and cried on reading this, it’s honest, open and empowering.
  • Thank you for this, it is enlightened, clear and so full of hope.
  • So insightful Catherine and so helpful to me.
  • Refreshing.
  • Freaking awesome!
  • This is just beautiful to read, thank you for your thoughts and words Catherine. Sometimes I just have to stop and breathe and let that magic just soak into my bones. Grateful to be able to follow your journey and feel a little of its magic now and again.
  • Following our own hearts and our own bodies is so important, your writing reminds me often of this, thank you.
  • Beautiful.
  • Wonderfully wise words as always, mile buiochas (a thousand thank yous).
  • Such a beautiful and deep piece of writing.
  • Catherine your sharing is so true for me, and so beautifully put into words, so sincere and clear.  Blessings for you, dear, beautiful woman and soul. 
  • Wonderful passionate words.
  • Oh what a marvellous read thanks for putting into words what I’ve been striving to articulate for lifetimes.