Inner Garden Healings

Healing Sessions with Catherine Maguire

When it comes to our healing journey I believe we need to tend to ourselves like we tend to a garden.  Sometimes the debris needs to be cleared away so that we can grow new seeds and promote new growth.  And sometimes the new growth needs to be supported and nurtured until it is ready to blossom fully in the world.

My healing sessions are designed to help you to access the innate wisdom that already lives inside you and to empower you with the tools that you need for your continued growth.

For me a healing session is a beautiful alchemical process where we work with any heavy emotional, physical or energetic matter and let in light so that it is transformed.

I offer different types of healing sessions to support you on the different phases of your journey.  Please contact me at if you would like to make an appointment to journey into the sacred with me.

healingSoul Retrieval

Shamans have been engaged in the process of soul retrieval for thousands of years.  Sometimes in life when we experience a physical, emotional or spiritual trauma a part of our being (our soul) becomes fragmented.  This can manifest in feelings of ‘there is something missing but I can’t quite put my finger on it’, a seemingly ‘irrational fear’, or a sense of lethargy or aloneness in life.  Soul Retrieval connects you to those parts of yourself that were lost or fragmented along the way so that you can feel whole once more.

healingDestiny Retrieval

There comes a point on our soul’s journey where it is time to stop looking back and start looking forward.  What is the life we are ready to create, what are we now willing to make manifest?   Destiny Retrieval allows us to journey forward and connect with an aspect of our full potential that already exists and anchor it in the present moment, so our emotional, physical and energetic bodies have a clear compass co-ordinate for where you are heading.



Womb Wisdom Healing Sessions

When a woman connects with her womb wisdom she sits on the throne of her personal power and becomes a conduit for the Sacred Feminine.  Many women due to trauma, shame, guilt or cultural conditioning have separated from the potent energy of their womb.

These sessions are gentle yet powerful, sacred yet playful and designed to facilitate women of all ages to remember their beauty and sacredness.

Sessions are conducted in person or by phone or Skype.

Each session takes approximately one hour.

Cost per session: €100