Coming Home

Inside each of us there is a place I believe that we long to call home. Even though I am from Ireland and very proud to be Irish there is also a part of me that never quite felt ‘at home’, like a part of me was always treading water looking to put down deeper roots, to really ground myself, to stop and to be very still.

Living A Magical Life

It’s just over 3 weeks since we moved into our new house here in southern Italy and I think the reality of it all is finally starting to sink in. We are living in a beautiful house, on the edge of a medieval village that overlooks olive groves, vegetable gardens and ancient oak trees.

Our Big News!

Spring has sprung here in the Cilento and it feels so good in my bones.  I love the change in the light, the stretch in the days and the signs of new life all around me.  Our neighbour’s dog has had puppies and they are for me the embodiment of spring; new, playful,...

2016 – Don’t Rush In!

For the past week there has been dense fog and mist here on the mountain which has been accompanied in bursts by downpours of cleansing rain.  But today the sun is shining and I can notice a difference in my being.  After weeks of hibernating today when I was walking...

These Awesome Women made me Cry

I spent a few minutes scrolling through Instagram this morning and ended up blubbering into my porridge.
Because I was blown away by the frickin awesomeness of women!!!

Relaxation Meditation

I have started to create weekly meditations for your to enjoy.  Click on the link below to hear a short relaxation meditation that will help you connect to your breath, your body and feel centered and grounded.  You can also download it to your device so that you can...

Putting the Super back in our Food

Food is really important to me. When I eat well, I feel well and feeling well allows me to show up fully for life, for my relationships and for the work that I love to do. When I don’t eat well for whatever reason I very quickly turn into Medusa, all snarly and spitting venom (scary but true!).

Who are You?

Who are You


When no one else is there

In the quiet still moments of the day


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My reading with Catherine was a turning point in my life. Catherine’s reading was clear, insightful and full of direct messages.

Larry - United Kingdom

Catherine’s beautiful gift answered every question I have ever had on a deep soul level and the time I had the privilege of sitting with her, was possibly the single most important experience of my life


Tending to your Inner Garden, A Woman’s Journey Towards Wholeness is a practical step by step guide for women that draws on the ancient wisdom of shamanism and tantra to reconnect you with your feminine sacredness; your Inner Garden. Read more…