Meeting My Muse

I have been putting pen to paper for a long time, I have written articles, poetry and even a book, and yet I had no recollection of ever meeting my Muse.

So I went to meet her.

Before she introduced herself to me and made herself visible, she brought me back to my mum’s kitchen where I was making chocolate biscuits. I loved cooking and baking as a child and my mum would let us experiment freely in the kitchen, it was bliss.

The In Between

Sitting here in this in between space as we go through a journaling process, I realise that I have always been an ‘inbetweener’. I grew up between two villages, on the east coast of Ireland between the land and the sea. I have never ‘belonged’ to a place, a tribe, a concept, always hovering at the edges, dipping in and stepping out as needs be.

My Doctor’s Prescription Made Me Cry

Well over a decade ago I sat in a doctor’s office to discuss the surgical procedure that I’d had under general anaesthetic to remove the gnarly endometrial tissue that was in my womb. The most discombobulating side effect of the anaesthetic was that it catapulted me ‘out of my body’ and despite my best efforts I was unable to get back in.

Musings from the Mountain – Winter

I felt it.
The sap rising in my bones
Just a trickle
But enough to make me turn on the radio
And bop to pop in my living room
So damn grateful for its return
And the aliveness that it brings.

Can We Stop Blaming Patriarchy?

There has been a whole lot of talk of late about Patriarchy and how it is to blame for so much of what is wrong in our world and how we need to stand and indeed march against it

Don’t Plan Anything – Unless You Really Want To

As we step into a new calendar year, I have become acutely aware of the amount of e-mails that I am receiving from people who want me to do something; start this, join that, detox, make resolutions, set goals etc. Dear People of the World, who are leaping head first into 2017,

Being Seen

Got sucked down the rabbit hole of being seen yesterday.
Walked through the land of my egoic mind – needy, clingy, desperate, claustrophobic.
Crossed a bridge into the realm of the soul – desiring, witnessing, yearning, deep presence.

Wild Boar Totem

SHE showed up this morning

In the form of a dead wild boar

Laying across the path where I had intended to walk

Stopped in my tracks, literally

Tending to your Inner Fire

When I was young my dad used to light the fire in our kitchen on winter mornings.  He had his own ritual for cleaning the grate, removing the ashes, setting the kindling and feeding air to the fire so that the flame would take and the fire would burn strong.   So this...

Burning it all down

It has been just over a year since we arrived in Italy and as a result I have been reflecting a lot on how we got here. Believe it or not it all started with a book. Not one I read but one I wrote.

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My reading with Catherine was a turning point in my life. Catherine’s reading was clear, insightful and full of direct messages.

Larry - United Kingdom

Catherine’s beautiful gift answered every question I have ever had on a deep soul level and the time I had the privilege of sitting with her, was possibly the single most important experience of my life


Tending to your Inner Garden, A Woman’s Journey Towards Wholeness is a practical step by step guide for women that draws on the ancient wisdom of shamanism and tantra to reconnect you with your feminine sacredness; your Inner Garden. Read more…