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Hi I’m Catherine Maguire,

I empower women by teaching them how to be themselves. As a farmer’s daughter, my work is practical and grounded. I am passionate about helping women embody their divinity so that they can be joyous, abundant and free in all aspects of their lives.

I have been walking the path of personal growth and spirituality for over 20 years.

I grew up on a farm on the east coast of Ireland which nurtured in me a profound sense of connection to nature and to the rhythmical nature of the seasons and life itself. I am acutely aware of and comfortable with the cycles of death and rebirth and I see them as a natural part of life. Being able to roam the fields and explore the beach beside my house also instilled in me a huge sense of freedom. I do not like to be confined; spiritually, physically or mentally.

And this is what I offer my clients: A return to the natural and rhythmical nature of their being and a sense of personal freedom to be who they are, intrinsically and authentically.

I know intimately what it feels like to lose your sense of freedom. Thinking I had to conform, I went to college, became a business executive, bought a house and got married. To the outside world, I was a success. Internally I was dying.

Then at the age of 29 everything changed as my previously robust health failed and I was forced to take a break from the life I had created. This was the start of some really honest conversations with myself. About how I was hiding and denying some of the core aspects of who I was and how ultimately I felt that being myself was not good enough, and that was why I had worked so hard to be something else.

After taking some time to ‘lick my wounds’, I immersed myself in a newfound passion to heal the parts of myself that felt damaged and broken and to rediscover and uncover my authentic self.

I travelled the world exploring tantra, shamanism and energy medicine, studying with traditional and not so traditional healers along the way. Eventually I came full circle, returning to Ireland realising that everything I needed was right there, not in Ireland but inside me. All the wisdom, all the healing, all the magic was available to me, right there within my being, and within my cells. All the medicine men and women that I had spent time with had not fixed me, but had taught me how to access this wisdom and healing for myself. I needed to remember what I knew as a child: how to live in harmony with the rhythmical nature of life, and how to live in harmony with myself, all of myself.

Two years ago along with my husband and our two dogs, I relocated to Tortorella. A small medieval hilltop village in southern Italy where living in harmony with nature and the seasons is a normal part of everyday life. In many ways it is like the Ireland of my youth, but with more sunshine! I love it here.

I am committed to offering my clients a rich and deep experience gleaned from having walked the path myself. I use transformational tools from shamanism, tantra and energy medicine to help my clients live in a harmonious relationship with themselves, the people in their lives, their work and with the earth. I truly believe that we each have the ability to access our own innate wisdom, step into our power and shine our light uniquely and authentically in the world.

Catherine Maguire 

Catherine, you give me so much inspiration, hope and clarity on life, it’s just wonderful.

Catherine, I get a lot of emails but I always make time to read your newsletter.

Catherine, I just wanted to say thank you. This is exactly what I needed to hear today.

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